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Maya travels & Roadline Co.

Traveling services since 1980. Providing cost effective and fastest timescaping parcel services within the route ranges of Bhavnagar, Mumbai, Surat and Bhuj. Located in the heart of the city hence facilitating better availability.


Maya Petroleum and Co.

Being one of the most trusted Bharat Petroleum station partners providing petroleum services at three base locations including the city centre and the suburbs, since December 1985. Located in Bhavnagar city centre & Talaja in Gujarat, India.


Yash Developers

Class AA government certified Infrastructure management and maintenance company merged with Suzlon Energy Pvt. Ltd., the World’s fifth largest wind turbine supplier and sixth largest wind energy production company, to developed one of the Gujarat's First ever wind power generation project of  25 Kw in the family owned mountain route ranges of Ukharla, Ghogha Talk in Bhanvagar district. We played an exclusive role in development of  the entire project and continually contribute to the refurbishments and maitainence of the location till date.


Torrent Stone Industries Ltd.

Our company is one of the largest in quarry and stone crushing field in Bhavnagar district of Gujarat state, India.It was established in 2014 but in short time span, we have succeeded simultaneously in sales and production and various product range.

Our Production Range 

Our main sector of activity is in crushing rocks, which vary in the production of Aggregates, Crushed Stones, Rocks, Road Base, Granular Sub Base and Armour Rock Boulders and Quarry Run Etc. The company is committed to providing our clients with aggregates and different sizes of rocks and rock Armour suitable for asphalt, concrete, marine and infrastructure construction works to the highest and most Consistent quality standards available.

Stone crushing plant Location & outlook:

Our two giant filtered crushers are considered modern and sophisticated machineries in Bhavnagar, with a current average Aggregates Production rate of 80 ton/hour for our UNIT - 1, and the current average Aggregates Production rate is 120 ton/hour for UNIT-2. Combining all previous plants with total mass production 200 ton/hour, Torrent Stone Industries will be one of the largest in its field

Torrent Stone Industries quarry is situated at village Trambak taluka Ghogha district Bhavnagar 364050.

Our Quarry lease is of 2 Hectors granted from Commissioner of Geology and Mining Dated on 20th June 2013. Which is a part of a 4 hectors N.A (Non Agriculture

Land) out of the 51 hectors land which is a privately owned by the owners of the company having land record number Block no 30 or Old survey no 17.

The 51 hector land is a perfect quarry location due to its hilly terrain we get to work on the highest quarry bench in the region. The total height of our quarry

bench is ranging from 140 Feet to 250 Feet. In which 140 is the lowest quarry bench in our quarry, by such advantages we get a higher production rate in every

blasting. Our average blasting productions are ranged from 25000 metric ton to 50000 metric ton. The GPS Coordinates for quarry are 21°36'41.45"N 72° 6'19.71"E

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