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Offering uninterrupted towage solutions requires not only the best equipment but also the most experienced people to deal with all unforeseen conditions. Our responsibility dictates us to always strive to prevent accidents from happening as well as ensure we learn and survive from those that do happen. 


At MMAL, we share a philosophy of providing responsive service, new ideas, and better equipment to meet all your needs under the same roof with utmost transparency across the entire project.

Engineered Beachings & Line Handling 
( Ship Recycling ) 

Beaching is a process where a dead vessel is towed to the ground as close to the ship recycling yard as possible with utmost care to the customer's assets. The towing plans are engineered by industry experts, well beforehand giving Green ship recycling initiative and International admiralty regulations the utmost consideration they deserve, along with other factors affecting the towing job. We pride ourselves in being the only company in India having a vast experience of more than 200 Safe Dead Vessel / Ship Beachings complying to Green ship recycling attestant to all international regulations complying to EU-SRR and HKC.

Manoeuvring &  

With a powerful fleet equipped with 75% azimuth stern drive propulsion for higher manoeuvrability responsible to fulfil the marine transportation requirements of the port authorities and business houses in Gujarat & Maharashtra, India. MMAL has administered, towed, assisted and escorted assets with safety accounting for more than 750 ships since 2016 with zero error henceforth complimenting our expertise in the process.

Marine Security & Standby Services

Firefighting Capacity,

Our fleet is well equipped with external fire fighting pieces of equipment ( FI/FI 1) Naniwa F/H 125 3L Pump 60m^3/ hr @ a 100 m throw head.

Under the complete validation by SOLAS

Our 24X7 rapid deployment team is on the go and ready to move at your say. 

Image by Aleksey Oryshchenko

Salvage Solutions,

Being fully and partially involved and responsible with 5 high-risk successful salvage operations, we pride ourselves in going a mile more to deliver what our customers have always expected off us. Our salvage history with national newspaper articles can be viewed in the gallery.

Bunkering, Provisioning & Supply

A strategically structured fleet with a combined capacity of 150 tonnes of freshwater and bunkering respectively making it highly suitable for supplies.

MMAL has been privileged to be a trusted server to the ONGC (Oil & Natural Gas Commission Of India) under the unique vendor identity number V917176.


Offshore Crew Transfers,

Berthing / Unberthing

Ship SNP Solutions

Being positioned in the heart of the financial district in London, United kingdom gives us the right exposure into the international maritime Snp market allowing us to directly connect the buyers with the sellers and vice-versa cutting off the midway chain hence making it less complicated, more transparent and more beneficial as compared to our competitors out there.

Our exposure to luxury maritime and commercial shipping allows us to find what you need.  

We thrive to build long term relationships worth savouring for generations to come.


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