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S H I P B U I L D    &   T O W A G E 


Need assistance in towing a vessel ?  

Drop us a line by phone, email or via our social media channels and let us do the digging for you.

About Us

Maya Marine And Logistics formerly a shipping division of Yash Developers was founded as a subsidiary venture into the maritime industry by a family-owned business, Maya Group of Companies in the July of 2015. Maya family continues with hands-on management and ownership of the business today. A young company with a combined heritage of 50 years, we are passionate about assisting and towing ships to safety.

Operation's Video Blog
Transparency that leads to reliability !


Transparency has been one of our major foundations moving forward, we welcome you to MMAL Operations gallery, a unique video blog customised for each operation which is unique in its own sense & has never been done before in the industry, 

 its here for you to explore, 

If you like what you see, visit us on our social media handles, 

For now watch on and enjoy !

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